Studio Savannah is a three year old boutique photography business. We are friendly and personable in our approach and value creation of long term relationships with our clients. The world is our footstool and we execute projects anywhere on the globe. Our main office is located in the beautiful East African City called Nairobi in Kenya on the East African Coast. We are right at the heart of Nairobi’s commercial business district.

We specialize in commercial photography work and are often involved from conceptualization to execution of client work in a project approach. We are involved in providing photography for corporate entities. Our services include

  • Portrait Photography Projects,
  • Event Photography Projects
  • Annual General Report Photography Projects,
  • Humanitarian Photography Projects,
  • Product Photography Projects.

Our work cuts across various industry sectors including

  • Education,
  • Entertainment Industry,
  • Fashion Industry,
  • Sports,
  • Government,
  • Healthcare,
  • Humanitarian,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Hotel and tourism Industry.

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